Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31st - Chapter 13

Your thoughts, comments, questions...


  1. Steven commented that there is so much good advice in each chapter that you could almost do a study on each little chunk of verses. Even one chapter has so much good advice.

  2. Amy,

    Steven is so right. You could easily focus on each individual proverb. You could meditate on it and how it is playing out in your own life for days at a time -- Or you can read big chunks of Proverbs and be struck by themes that keep coming up over and over. Things like valuing wisdom over money -- or a home of love and peace ofver financial prosperity -- or avoiding gossip. It seems like there are a ton of themes that get repeated over and over. Proverbs is such a cool book in that you can read one idea at a time or let the whole of it hit you.